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Ep 14. Merry Grissom - When The Universe Speaks.

May 30, 2016
Merry Grissom - When The Universe Speaks.


Merry's story from the end of storytelling class event on April 28th, 2016, involving a psychic, her future husband and her chosen career. (This story is also on YouTube)

Merry Grissom is an actor/ writer/ producer/ director/ sweater-wearer, originally from outside Philadelphia. She’s traveled lots of places and done lots of interesting stuff, and is thrilled to hear all these amazing stories about interesting places and stuff other people have experienced! Thanks to all for sharing, and to Lynn for helping us figure it all out. was started by Lynn Ferguson after becoming embroiled in the storytelling community in Los Angeles. If you love this form of storytelling then you’ve probably already heard of The Moth on Public Radio and maybe you’ve seen Lynn tell stories and host events for The Moth. 

YouTellYours is based on the realisation that the techniques of storytelling for books and plays and films, sub plots, story arcs and the like… aren’t as immediately relevant to spoken word storytelling. Lynn first started teaching classes in the Sidewalk Studio Theatre in Burbank and now, using the same techniques and exercises, we’ve added an online course so that no matter where you live, you can learn to tell your story, and get yourself heard, without notes, props or the dreaded Powerpoint.