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Ep 25 Colette Freedman - My Greatest Challenge

October 12, 2016
This week we have Colette Freedman's story from our recent storytelling event in Burbank. If I were to compete in any kind of contest with Colette I'd really like to be on her team please...

Colete's Bio: Colette Freedman is a writer, actor and producer who has trouble finding the quiet grey hidden in between the screaming black and deafening white. Her latest single-minded obsession is getting 18,000 people to buy her book Sister Cities on Amazon. Thank you Lynn for your massive generosity and colossal talent!

Life’s too short to be afraid of speaking in public, so we decided to try to help anyone about to speak to an audience of any size - be it to an arena or a boardroom. In a single 6 min video Lynn Ferguson will change the way to look at public speaking forever, with the acronym LIFT.    Click here for more details. was started by Lynn Ferguson after becoming embroiled in the storytelling community in Los Angeles. If you love this form of storytelling then you’ve probably already heard of The Moth on Public Radio and maybe you’ve seen Lynn tell stories and host events for The Moth.