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Ep 36 Heidi Hornbacher - Simon

April 10, 2017

Heidi tells a wonderful tale of the perfect dog, Simon.

Bio: Heidi Hornbacher grew up in Colorado where she always pined for pets. She's lived in LA since 2003 where she has a production company and a teaches screenwriting in LA and Italy with PageCraft Screenwriting. She and her husband have three cats and a dog.

You can watch the video of this story at was started by Lynn Ferguson after becoming embroiled in the storytelling community in Los Angeles. Lynn firmly believed that we all have stories to tell and so started teaching storytelling in Burbank. Since then we've confirmed that no only does everyone have a story to tell, but also that telling those stories enriches both the teller and the audience, creating connections and a sense of community.

Our storytelling classes are available in Burbank, California with end of class storytelling events most months.

We also deliver online storytelling courses with direct feedback incorporated into the experience.


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