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Ep. 9 - Nidhi Sapra - Teaching My Parents.

April 25, 2016
Episode 9 with Nidhi Sapra. In this week’s story Nidhi Sapra tells us about growing up in India and the lessons she passed on to her parents… 

Nidhi's Bio:

"Nidhi Sapra – is an Indian transplant who now calls LA her home. A cloud enthusiast, she studies beach-ology in her spare time. After two and a half years in LA, she is still trying to demystify America's love for sandwiches. She is a product strategist with Rhubarb Studios - a tech studio in downtown Los Angeles, helping entrepreneurs transform their big ideas into successful businesses. She has thoroughly enjoyed spending her Sunday evenings this past month, discovering the magic that is storytelling.Nidhi on Twitter.
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At YouTellYours we believe that storytelling is an action that needs to be practiced. Our courses don’t dwell on convoluted theories of story.  In our classes in Burbank California or online we get people storytelling right from the start. I think storytelling is like riding a bike, or learning to speak a new language - it’s only be trying, do you truly understand the challenge, and only by practising, do you get to the point where the skill becomes like a reflex, something you do almost without any conscious thought. 

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